Hi all!

Showwcase is building in public and we’re learning a lot each day. As more and more people learn about us, we want to ensure that we have robust community policies and tools to ensure that people have a great experience. We expect this document to evolve and if you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

These Community Guidelines are meant to help you better understand:


Showwcase is a network built for coders. It's a space to make meaningful connections, share knowledge, code, what you're working on, who you've worked with, gain feedback, learn, ask questions, grow in your careers and find new opportunities with others around the world. Here are 5 principles that we believe are important:

  1. Be respectful. The applies to every person, all the time.
  2. Be inclusive. Tolerate, welcome, and consider diverse people, perspectives, and curiosities.
  3. Build empathy and understanding. Engage in debates and help others in good faith.
  4. Foster meaningful and genuine relationships. This is what Showwcase is all about.

Building blocks of Showwcase

Threads and Shows are the main building blocks of Showwcase.


Starting a Thread lets users quickly share information, knowledge, or updates on what’s happening in the tech community.